The Effective Pain Relief & Muscle Recovery Supplement

CBD Muscle - Replacing Traditional Pain Killers

The potential of prescription painkillers and other pharmaceutical have seen all-natural pain relief products like CBD Muscle replacing traditional medicine. This is largely driven by the association of abuse and the array of side effects that come with pain killers including the risk of heart problems, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal damage.

CBDMuscle is extremely effective and studies have revealed that is relieves pain and stress, reduces anxiety, reduces muscle inflammation, promotes bone growth and suppresses muscle spasm.

CBD MUSCLE - Ingredients

What Each Capsule Contains


100% legal certified hemp manufactured to UK/EU standards in GMP approved facilities



Regulates immune cells and limit inflammation caused through sports and exercise



Activates receptors resulting in a natural increase of endocannabinoids which helps to block pain and inflammation



Lowers feelings of nausea, reduces inflammation and assists with pain caused from injuries



Decrease inflammation caused from muscle aches and sports injuries


Muscle Recovery and Muscle Pain Relief

Keeping active as we age commonly results in different types of muscle pains. The most effective therapy against pains requires the compound CBD also known as cannabinoid. It is effective in combating inflamed tissues and muscles, acute pains and uncontrollable muscle spasms caused from injury or strenuous exercise. Within 10-15 minutes you’ll begin noticing the effects.

Video - All About CBDMuscle & How It Works

The Effective Muscle Recovery Supplement Post Workout

CBD Products on Offer

A number of packages are available on offer, you can choose between the 6% and 12% CBD strength concentrations, the CBD recovery balm or the CBD + BCAA food supplement. From time to time, discounted packages between 20 and 40% are offered further saving you money.

Improves Athletes Exercise Routines

CBD helps protects muscles and increases their ability to recover from high impact activities, training and workout sessions athletes and body builders undergo. It alleviates anxiety and plays a natural role in muscle recovery and also decreasing the feeling of nausea post workout.


The Features and Benefits of CBD Muscle

CBD has traditionally been used for years to treat various types of pain with recent studies in the medical community. Some of its features include:


Chronic pain

An effective treatment for chronic pain in adults


Induces sleep and relaxation

Regulated sleep allow the muscles to rest and recover



Contains less than 0.03% of THC


Natural nutrition

Contains essential vitamins, minerals and terpen also vegan friendly


Safe to use

3rd party laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency


No Side effects

Little distinguishable side-effects compared to pharmaceutical

All major payment gateways supported

You can buy with debit card, credit card and Paypal. You are also entitled to cancel your order for any reason within 14 days of receipt of the Goods.


What’s customers are saying about CBD Muscle

  • I had never even heard about CBDMuscle up until a couple of months ago. Since I’ve started treatment it has changed my life. Thank you for all the help

    Sophie Samson


  • Within a couple of hours I had quite a bit a relief from several different things so I got some more

    Tom Spinks

    Daycare assistant

  • It is a good muscle relaxer, I have less spasms using CBBD muscle compared to other medications

    Evan T

    Gym Instruction

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can return any other their products within 60 days for a full refund if you are not satisfied


CBD Muscle Comparison

CBD products and supplements have can potentially help you with a wide range of ailments hence choosing the right CBD oil is essential. Here is how CBDMuscle compares with other pain relief and muscle recovery products.


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