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Gemini Wars

Gemini Wars

  • Special edition coming in a special translucent box numbered certificate
  • Also featuring a bonus DVD "e;Eros - Feel 100%"e; containing interviews with Wong Kar Wai, Gong Li, Chang Chen, and also the Japanese version of the trailer plus photo gallery.

    Eros is a three-part anthology film about eroticism by a trio of world cinema's outstanding directors: Wong Kar Wai (2046), Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's Twelve) and Michelangelo Antonioni (Blow up). The three vignettes in Eros may seem totally unrelated on surface, but underneath the different stories lies a common theme about erotic desires. Each episode explores erotic desires at a different level, from physical to psychological to spiritual. It also serves as an homage by two younger directors, Wong and Soderbergh, to the Italian master Antonioni who has informed and inspired their work.

  • "e;The Hand"e; by Wong Kar Wai Cheongsam once again embodies the mood for love. "e;The Hand"e;, widely acclaimed during the film's theatrical release, tells an erotic tale about a young tailor (Chang Chen) and a beautiful Hong Kong courtesan (Gong Li). Hands seems the only way to bridge the gap between love and desire...

  • Equilibrium by Steven Soderbergh A peculiar and even perverse comedy about an advertising executive's (Robert Downey, Jr.) weird and erotic dream of a woman. Losing his equilibrium, he turns to his psychiatrist (Alan Arkin) who engages himself in all sorts of strange acts in the course of therapy...

  • The Dangerous Thread of Things by Michelangelo Antonioni A middle-aged American man and his Italian wife enter a stalemate in their relationship. In the magnificent ruins and landscapes of Italy, he encounters a passionate Italian woman, but erotic desires means more than just physical intimacy...

    Click to see Eros official site.

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