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As others quest for the fabled weapons, the film follows the adventures of Zhang Wuji (portrayed by future Lost in Time director Derek Yee), the offspring of a tragic, star-crossed romance involving members of two different clans. With Wuji poisoned by a deadly martial arts technique and soon orphaned in his youth, the film charts our young hero's ascent to power as he finds himself caught in all-out clan war involving the Wu-Tang Clan, the Emei Sect, the Ming Cult, and the Shaolin Temple! Only Wuji knows the location of his godfather, the Golden Lion King, the current wielder of the Dragon Sabre. But who will get to him first? Find out in this lavish Shaw Brothers production!

  • Sabre measuring: 44" length
  • Made of steel
  • Graceful home d‚cor

Bring home this stunning replica of Greek cavalry sword and cast an empowering impression on your guests. Crafted from the best grade steel and shone to perfection, this exclusively enthralling ancient weapon spots a splendid texture and sparkling cutting edge. Measuring 44 inches in length and featuring strong grip, this super-sharp hand sword comes with an equally pretty scabbard. Owing to its elegant design and royal charm, this antiqued war accessory now serves as an awesome art embellishment in modern homes. Gift it to your friends or relatives or order it for your own, this marvelously carved master piece would be particularly cherished by military enthusiasts and arm lovers.

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