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The unlikely superhero is deliciously portrayed by Chungmuro's new leading man Hwang Jung Min (Happiness, You Are My Sunshine). Like Superman, Hwang wears the big letter S on his chest and the trademark S-shaped spit curl on his forehead. Some scenes from the original Superman movie are spoofed in the film with Jeon and Hwang appearing as Lois and Clark, offering a nostalgic moment for many who grew up watching the comic book superhero come alive on screen. Despite director Jeong's failed effort to feature the actual Superman theme song in his picture (largely due to a high royalty fee), A Man Who Was Superman nevertheless makes a stunning entrance like no other.

After three years of making one sappy human documentary after another, filmmaker Song Su Jung (Jeon Ji Hyun) is at her wit's end. Hoping for a refreshing change, she signs up for an African safari shoot only to see it get axed. Adding to her misery, someone mugs her precious camera. "e;Help! A thief!"e; Hearing the damsel's cry, a man (Hwang Jung Min) wearing a Hawaiian shirt runs after the thief and retreives the camera. The mystery hero then explains to Su Jung in detail about how he could not use his usual supernatural powers because Mr. Evil has implanted Kryptonite in his head. Yes, the man is Superman, or more precisely, a self-professed Superman - nonetheless, a newsworthy subject! Su Jung follows him around shooting his daily activities, which consist of frivolous - but in small degrees, heroic acts, such as finding lost pets and performing handstands in an attempt to distance the Earth from the Sun to prevent the North Pole from melting. Then one day, the man injures his head and Su Jung takes him to the hospital where she discovers that her superman does indeed, have something in his head.

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