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L.A. is under attack. In the middle of investigating a series of unexplainable catastrophes, news reporter Ethan (Jason Behr) finds an unidentifiable giant scale at one of the disaster scenes. Taken aback initially, Ethan quickly recalls a Korean legend told to him by an antique dealer (Robert Foster). The old man predicted that Buraki, a ferocious giant serpent, would resurrect sometime during this lifetime to search for power source to morph into a dragon. Ethan, believed to embody the spirit of a resurrected warrior, must find the mystery woman who holds the key to the power source before Buraki does. His investigation guides him to Sarah (Amanda Brooks), a woman with a red dragon tattoo on her shoulder. Joining forces, Ethan and Sarah must battle against the army of giant reptilian beasts in an ultimate quest to end the prophecy once and for all.

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